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Introduce Yourself

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 5:33 pm
by administrator
We are happy to see you on our forum about magic and magic spells!
Before you submit your review or post a comment, ask for help, learn or teach, offer your services and find clients, find magic´┐Żrelated accessories and books, please introduce yourself.
Tell us about yourself, your age, city or country you are from, which branch of magic you are interested in, or about your
experience in magic, if any. If it was some problem that brought you here, tell us about it! That way, it will be easier for those
who can help you solve it

You can tell us about your hobby and your job, your life, your beliefs and values. Any information is welcome because we are
sincerely interested in each of our users. We are confident that other users of our forum will be glad to learn about you too if
you tell us about yourself!
Of course, you may not tell us about yourself if you do not want to. However, your anonymity may play against you. The users
of our website want to talk with real people but not faceless nicknames (do not forget to fill out your profile and upload a
profile picture). In other words, if you are looking for real human communication which may eventually change your life, please
tell us about yours