How to avoid fraudsters while looking for a spellcaster

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How to avoid fraudsters while looking for a spellcaster

Postby administrator » Sat Nov 07, 2015 6:08 pm

There are no statistical data as to how many fraudsters and charlatans pass themselves off as
practitioners of magic. In our experience, every second magician is a fraud. The Administration of our
Forum does everything it can to ensure that all fraudsters are identified and banned. However, frauds
are tenacious and, unfortunately, you may easily fall victim to one of them. This is why we’ve decided to
offer you some tips to help you identify a fraudster or charlatan or scam and protect yourself from their
“superfast and high quality” services.

1. Avoid spellcasters who tell you that you have a curse or hex on you right away. Such statements can’t
be made without magic examination which can’t be performed through a forum or social network.
Naturally, some magicians have enough magic power to examine people’s energy phantom created by
their mental fields and find out what problems they have. However, such spellcasters don’t have to look
for clients on the Internet and their services are far more expensive than what a fraudster would charge
2. Speaking about the payment, never trust spellcasters claiming that their customers include some well
� known politicians, businessmen, actors or singers. Such spellcasters charge high fees for their services and
they will hardly have to look for customers on forums, too. If a professional magician offers to help you
for some reason, he will probably do it for free.
3. Scam spellcaster tend to tell their victims that their illnesses are incurable and require multiple rituals. They
will make you pay over and over again convincing you that you need more rituals or your hex, curse or
poverty will come back and this time it will be even worse.
4. Spellcaster scam often tell their victims that they need immediate help. “Tomorrow may be too late!” is a
phrase that can give away a fraudster, unless you know it for yourself that you are running out of time
and do need immediate help. In other words, don’t hurry unless you or someone close to you has
attempted to commit suicide, you have a terminal disease, or you are on the verge of disaster.
5. Fraudsters tend to make their victims explain themselves. Thus, they ask, “How could you let it
happen?” or “Don’t you understand that your child’s sick because of you?” As you know, as soon as you
start explaining yourself, the one who made you do that takes control of you. Moreover, you’ll probably
try to win this person’s favor and agree to order whatever ritual the fraudster will offer you (this is how
the human mind works).
6. Scam spellcaster forget that people have a right to make their own decisions. Professional spellcasters call it
freedom of choice. If someone is depriving you of your freedom of choice, this person is not a spellcaster.
A true spellcaster always offers several options because he knows that compelling customers to do
something is a karmic crime for which the magician will be punished.
7. Fraudsters spellcaster don’t like it when their victims ask them, “Can we meet?” They tend to work remotely. If
you insist on a personal meeting, the fraudster will disappear.
8. Scam spellcaster don’t take their victims’ money personally. Instead, they ask their victims to pay to their
“friends”, “relatives”, “students”, “representatives” and what not. As a matter of fact, this won’t help
them escape punishment if sued, but most fraudsters are unaware of that.
9. With fraudsters, you can successfully negotiate lower prices. Fraudsters are not going to perform any
rituals and are ready to cut their prices by up to 90%. As for real spelcaster, they know exactly how
much it will cost them to perform each ritual. They have to take into consideration not only the energy
they will have to spend but also the operating supply needed to perform the ritual. This is why real
magicians can’t offer you good discounts even if they want to.
There are other tips to identify a fraudster of which we’ll tell you in our next article

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