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Spellsofmagic.com Reviews

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REVIEWS ABOUT ONLINE STORE Spellsofmagic.com : Rules & Guidelines
1. In this section you can post a review about Online Store Spellsofmagic.com and its products. We will not post
reviews about other online store and products in this section. All reviews about other online stores and
products will be deleted by the Administration or moved to the appropriate section.
2. We will not post speculative reviews (“I visited an Online Store Spellsofmagic.com, saw some products, and I
3. We will post your review only if you have actually bought a product or products at that online store
(amulet, talisman, potion, candles, any other magic product, etc.) and tried to use them.
4. We accept positive and negative reviews. If we suspect the reviewer of defamation, promoting any
products or black PR, the review will be deleted by the Administration immediately.
5. All reviews need to be supported with documentary proof. Therefore, we may request the Reviewer
reviewing the Online Store Spellsofmagic.com or its products to provide the documents confirming the fact that the
products were purchased from this very Online Store, that the Reviewer was guaranteed something by
the Store administration, and followed all the instructions from the user manual.
6. We do not post reviews about products bought at the Online Store Spellsofmagic.com if they are not related to
7. Your review can be not only about products and their quality, but also about the service, execution of
your order, etc. We want to know your opinion so you can tell us about everything you experienced
while shopping at the Online Store Spellsofmagic.com.
8. The Administration may refuse to accept/delete any review at its sole discretion.
9. The owners of the Internet Store may request to delete or appeal the review only if they have
documentary proof that the review is false, inaccurate or that the Reviewer is lying. Do not try to make
us delete a review by threatening or bribing us.
10. A review should not be 100% positive or negative. Such reviews will be considered promotional and
will be reviewed by the Administration very thoroughly prior to publication.
11. After a review is posted, third parties – not the owners of the Internet Store reviewed and not the
Reviewers – may ask questions and leave comments. All questions and comments need to be about the
product purchased or services provided, and have no hidden advertising or counter advertising content.
12. Such comments as “I also bought this product at this Online Store” will not be considered comments
to the review posted which is why they will be deleted. You can write it in your own review, and your
review will be published in this section if approved by the Administration.
13. Insulting, foul language and trolling are prohibited in reviews, questions and comments.
14. The Administration will be extremely thorough while studying the reviews which Authors used black
PR, lied, and violated the rules and guidelines in their previous reviews. Such Authors may be on black
lists of other magic-related websites and other resources.
15. A review must not contain the Reviewer’s contact information and violate the privacy of
correspondence without the express consent of the Owners of the Internet Store Spellsofmagic.com, or bank secrecy.
16. You can submit only one review about each product.
17. If you want, you can attach a picture of the product to your message.
18. Spamming is prohibited.
19. Reviewers are prohibited from inviting other Users to participate in the discussion of their reviews.
20. The Administration may change the rules and guidelines any time. It is your responsibility to check
these rules and guidelines periodically.

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