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1. Any User who has decided to start learning BLACK MAGIC and is looking for a teacher, advisor, mental
and energy mentor can consider himself a Student.
2. A Student may choose a Teacher at his own risk. The Administration shall not be responsible for any
consequences of this choice. Therefore, the Administration will not accept any claims regarding the
behavior of the Teacher (Teachers).
3. Any Magician can be considered a Teacher regardless of his age, experience, and branch of magic he
specializes in. However, magicians under 18 years of age cannot be considered teachers.
4. Teachers and Students must not exchange their contact information in private or public messages.
5. The teaching and learning process must take place on the pages of the Forum, in a thread specially
created for it.
6. To set a meeting, Skype or phone call, etc., make a request to the Administration.
7. Any provocative threads of the section promoting some Magicians or magic salons or showing any
signs of black PR will be deleted immediately, while the Users who created them (Teachers and
Students) will be banned.
8. We will delete threads created by Users leaving their comments under different usernames.
9. Any unauthorized copying and publication of the content of this section is prohibited. However, you
may make a request to the Administration guaranteeing to add an active link to the Forum.
10. Publication of any content copied from other forums, blogs, social media, etc. is prohibited.
11. Teachers are not allowed to attract students by sending spam. However, any Teacher may create a
thread titled “LOOKING FOR A STUDENT (S)” where he can tell which knowledge he would like to share
with his future students.
12. Any Teacher is allowed to have as many Students as he wishes.
13. Any Teacher may stop teaching his Student any time. It is for the Teacher to decide whether or not
he should be responsible for his Student’s fate. However, the Administration reserves the right to ban
Teachers which actions endanger their Students or any third parties.
14. Any Student may have several Teachers simultaneously. It is for the Student to decide whether to
stay with his current Teacher or find another one.
15. Teachers are prohibited from attracting Students by threatening or blackmailing them. Similarly, no
Teacher is allowed to keep Students by threatening or blackmailing them.
16. We will delete all messages and threads of Users committing a fraud or even suspected of fraud.
17. The Administration may amend these rules and guidelines any time without prior notice to the

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