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1. A quiz is a test to evaluate the Forum User’s magic or extrasensory powers. Quizzes are not designed
to evaluate the User’s intelligence, IQ, erudition or encyclopedic knowledge. Quizzes that do not meet
these requirements will be deleted before their completion.
2. To give a quiz, the User need to have at least 50 messages posted on the Forum.
3. All Users can take quizzes, including those who have registered on the Forum specifically to take
quizzes. The User giving a quiz cannot limit other Users, make terms to take the quiz – rating, time spent
on the Forum, status, professional magic work, etc.
4. The User giving a quiz needs to know the answers. If the User violates this rule, the quiz will be
deleted, while the User will be prohibited from giving any other quizzes.
5. Quizzes may include several tasks or several levels. Users failing a task or level cannot move on to the
next task or level.
6. Insults, cynical and pejorative comments regarding the actions or messages of the Users participating
in the quiz are prohibited.
7. Quizzes which may cause damage to other people – hexing, breakup rituals, sending illnesses,
possession, incitement to suicide, etc. – are prohibited. It is prohibited to give quizzes which might cause
such damage to third parties or might be dangerous to the Users participating in the quiz. This rule
applies not only to humans but also to animals.
8. Quizzes engaging dead people or missing people are prohibited.
9. The Administration may delete any quiz if it does not meet the requirements specified in this article
or violates the general rules and guidelines of the Forum or any of its sections.
10. The Administration may delete provocative quizzes. These include quizzes designed to prove
magicians’ lack of professionalism. The results of such quizzes will be deleted along with all of the
reviews and comments posted during and after the quizzes.
11. This rule also applies to quizzes designed to promote a magician or group of magicians.
12. Quizzes with continuously changing terms or rigged results, as well as quizzes which have already
been given on this or other Forums, will be deleted.
13. Material prizes for winning a quiz are prohibited. The prizes may be a positive review, improved
rating, etc. It is prohibited to promote the winners in messages not related to the quiz.
14. It is prohibited to award Users for taking only one quiz or for the fact that they are promoting the
quiz in other threads of the website.15. One User cannot give several quizzes simultaneously. The User can give a new quiz only after the
previous one is completed.
16. The User giving a quiz can ban Users participating in the quiz for using foul language, insulting other
Users, provoking violence, trolling, etc. In this case, the User giving the quiz should notify the
Administration of such behavior of the User (Users).
17. These rules and guidelines are not subject to discussion. Users violating these rules and guidelines
may have their accounts banned by the Administration. The Administration may delete the accounts of
Users violating these rules and guidelines without prior notice to the Users.
18. The Administration may reward the Users for giving the most interesting and popular quizzes, as
well as ask them to give new quizzes, consult or moderate quizzes given by other Users of the Forum.
19. All rules and guidelines of this section may be changed without prior notice to the Users

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