LOOKING FOR HELP: Rules & Guidelines for Users

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LOOKING FOR HELP: Rules & Guidelines for Users

Postby administrator » Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:47 pm

1. 1. This section is designed for Users looking for a Spellcaster, Witch, Psychic or Healer specializing in black
magic. This Forum is devoted to magic so don’t try to find practitioners of other branches of magic
2. While asking for help, the User is allowed to:
- Tell about himself;
- Explain the symptoms of his physical, karmic, mental or energy illness;
- Ask for advice or help;
- Make terms to accept help – the Spellcasters experience, term, confidentiality, etc.
3. The User may specify if he is looking for free magic help or is willing to pay for the services provided
by the Spellcasters. Also, the User may specify the upper limit he is ready to pay to thank the Spellcasters for
his help.
4. In this section you are not allowed to post messages to thank any Spellcasters for help. Any User may
thank any Spellcaster for help in a private message. Also, Users are not allowed to post negative reviews
about any Spellcaster in this section. Negative reviews should be posted in the appropriate sections of the
5. The User is not allowed to specify which Spellcaster he wants to help him as this will be considered the
promotion of this Spellcaster. Users may ask any specific Spellcasters registered on the Forum for help in a
private message.
6. Users are prohibited from providing their personal data to any Spellcasters, such as their phone
numbers, emails, social media accounts, etc., via public messages. Private messages need to be used.
7. Users are prohibited from telling about working with any Spellcaster in the past as this will be
considered hidden advertising or black PR, and the User’s message may be deleted.
8. Users are not allowed to assess any Spellcasters who offered their help to the Users in the LOOKING
FOR HELP section, as well as post reviews about their work, promote them, etc.
9. The Forum Administration shall not be responsible for any actions or lack of professionalism of the
Spellcasters because the Forum is just a communication platform. Each User decides whether or not to
accept the Spellcasters’s help at his own risk.
10. Users are allowed to ask and answer questions in this section, provided they stay on the topic of this
section. Their answers may contain recommendations as to how to perform certain rituals and advice on
how to find a good Spellcaster. Any User is allowed to recommend a specific Spellcaster only if the Spellcaster
is a registered User of the Forum.
11. Agents charging a fee are not allowed on the Forum and are banned if identified.
12. The Administration reserves the right to recommend any registered Spellcasters to Users or warn
Users, via a public or private message, against working with the Spellcasters suspected of fraud or lack of
13. The Administration may refuse to review the letters sent by Users asking to evaluate the Spellcaster
who they are going to work with.
14. It is prohibited to cite other sources to post a “looking for help” message as this will be considered
fraud or attempt to mislead other Forum Users.
15. Users are prohibited from posting fake “looking for help” messages in order to check the
professionalism of a Spellcaster or prove the Spellcaster’s lack of professionalism. Such actions will be
considered a lie and provocation, for which the User may have his account banned or even be
16. The Administration may delete any “looking for help” messages which don’t meet the requirements
of this section as well as the rules and guidelines of the Forum. Also, the Administration may delete the
replies of Spellcasters suspected of fraud or incompetence. Messages posted by Users with questionable
or fake IP addresses may be deleted as well.
17. The Administration may amend the rules and guidelines of this section any time without prior notice
to the Users. The Administration accepts no complaints about the amendments made to the rules and
guidelines of this section.

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