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Lust Spell

Postby administrator » Sat Nov 07, 2015 6:19 pm

This spells comes from love magic. It’s designed for and can be performed only by women. If you want,
you may try to adjust it for a man. This spell doesn’t bind people spiritually or romantically, so if you’re
looking for romance, use a different spell.
This spell is designed to inflame passion in men. In other words, with this spell you can make your man
want you badly, regularly. If this is the only thing you don’t like about your relationship, don’t hesitate
to use this spell and enjoy the results.
Note that there are some nuances you need to take into consideration. The spell won’t work if:
• You’ve never had sex with the victim;
• Your victim is your husband and you got married in church;
• The victim has some sexual problems;• The victim has a lover (you’ll need to get the man out of her influence);
• Before the ritual, protect the man from other women, try to make him unattractive to other
women. There are a number of rituals for it.

Stage №1. Preparation.
To begin with, get the man’s physiological fluids, such as sperm, saliva, blood or urine. Hair and nails
won’t do because they don’t carry the right energy. Keep the fluid in the refrigerator if needed. If you
use blood, add a couple of drops of any anticoagulant (you can find it in any pharmacy).
Also, you’ll need to know how the victim’s penis looks. You may want to take a picture of it without the
man knowing it.
The ritual is performed on a waxing moon. Start at midnight.
To perform the ritual, you’ll need:
• The man’s physiological fluid;
• A full-size picture of the man or the picture showing the “target area”. Preferred formats are A4
and bigger;
• Wax or clay;
• Red woolen thread;
• A few drops of your blood. Prepare it in advance if needed (in case you’re afraid you might not
be able to do it during the ritual).

Stage №2. Ritual.
Mix the piece of the man’s cloth in the clay/wax and model the man’s penis.
Before the ritual, bent it and attach to the appropriate place on the photo.
“I’m starting this dark business, raising the vital sinew.”

Unbend the penis as indicated in the picture. While winding it around with the red woolen
thread (photo №5), repeat three times,

“There’s that mythical stone which can’t be bent, which can’t be destroyed by anything. I wish (name)
penis was as strong and nothing could bend it. I’ll inflame passion in (name) agitating his blood. He’ll
drink but never get enough of it; he’ll eat but never get enough of it. He’ll feel lust to a point of going
insane. Without me, he won’t be able to live, eat or sleep. All he’ll think about will be me. Amen.”

Apply your blood to the penis and say,

“I’ve been there, raised it for myself. I’m binding it to myself, turning it away from the rest.”

Stage №3.
Completion.Put the picture with the penis into a box (you may wrinkle the picture but not the penis) and put it
Make sure you don’t see the victim for the next three days.

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