How to put a 100% successful love spell on a man?

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How to put a 100% successful love spell on a man?

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This spell is great for women who have lost all hope to be with a man. A similar love spell for men is the
one on sperm. Avoid using blood love spells unless it’s an emergency.
General Information
The effect of this love spell can be compared with that of the devilish lust spells. If you use this spell,
sexual desire will prevail in your relationship. This will be not passion – this will be a strong desire to
possess. So if you don’t want to spend most of your time in bed, try to replace this spell with a different
A love spell on menstrual blood can be used for poisoning the victim, meaning its effect may last
forever. The period until the next poisoning is one month, meaning you need to poison your beloved by
means of a menstrual blood-based potion at least once a month.
Use the blood taken on the second to fourth day of your period. This blood is considered the most
powerful. As with other love magic rituals, this ritual should be performed on a waxing moon. If your
period starts earlier or later than this lunar phase, prepare some blood in advance and keep it in the
fridge. Add some coagulant to ensure it doesn’t thicken.
Don’t use a love spell on menstrual blood too often as this may have a number of negative
consequences, including aggression, gastrointestinal tract disorders, alcoholism or impotency. This can
be explained not only from the magic perspective but also physiologically. Even a healthy body can’t
fight foreign antibodies forever if you make it drink your menstrual blood, a foreign biological material.
As for impotency, if the inflow of blood to the penis is always very strong, there are bound to be some
problems. As a matter of fact, this usually affects middle-aged men.
A love spell on menstrual blood influences the man’s body in a funny way. It prevents the man from
having sexual intercourse with other women. Thus, even if the man tries to cheat on you, he’ll fail. By
the way, pathological lack of confidence in the bedroom may cause impotency, too.
Below are some simple and popular menstrual blood love spells.
Poisoning by Means of Tea, Coffee or Alcohol
Take a new handkerchief or rag made of natural fibers and soak it in your blood.
Burn the rag over a candle fire and put the ashes into a box.
Add the ashes into the beverages the man drink.
No words need to be said.
Love Spell on FoodAdd a few drops of your blood into the meal and say, “My blood’s gone, I no longer need it. (Name) will
need no one but me as well.”
Poisoning by Means of Red Wine
Add a few drops of your blood into red wine and say, “By drinking my blood, you give me power. My
blood’s in you and you’re in me.”
Sugar Love Spell
Sprinkle three lumps of sugar with your blood and repeat 3 to 9 times, “You’ll always be with me like my
blood’s always with me.”
Every three days put one lump into the man’s drink. The love spell will start influencing the man after
the man eats the last lump

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