Voodoo Doll Curse

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Voodoo Doll Curse

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Perhaps, the voodoo doll curse is the most dangerous curse in magic. Its casting affects the spell caster
taking away his strength and energy, so unprepared or beginning spell casters must avoid casting it.
The ritual eventually leads to the victim’s death so don’t try to perform it for fun or out of curiosity. If
you want to get someone sick with a flu, use a lighter ritual.
If a ritual is performed correctly, the doll merges with the victim so keep it in a secure place until the
ritual is completed. Any damage caused to the doll which isn’t related to magic may break this bond and
you’ll have to start all over.
Before performing the ritual, you need to prepare yourself morally, make a doll and save enough
energy. Let’s discuss making the voodoo doll.
To begin with, get the victim’s biological materials, such as blood, nails, hair, saliva, sperm, etc. The
more biological material you have, the better. Make a doll. The doll doesn’t have to have genital
characteristics, but there has to be some facial similarity. To make your doll, use natural wax or clay and
mix the biological materials in.
Perform a special ritual to baptize the doll, name it the victim’s name and connect their energy fields.
Making a doll takes a lot of time so start about two weeks before the ritual. To check the doll’s
“operability”, stick a needle into its arm. If the victim gets an arm injury within two or three days (not
necessarily of magical origin; the victim may injure himself), the doll works.
Stage №1. Preparation.
The ritual needs to be performed from 3 a.m. till 5 a.m. on a waning moon. The victim is sleeping at this
time which is why it’s much easier to influence his subtle bodies. Make sure you’re protected during the
ritual, too.
To perform the ritual, you’ll need:
• Voodoo doll;
• 3 new needles ( buy them on Thursday);
• Black cloth (to wrap the doll);
• Dish soap or chalk;
• Black candle.
Prepare the altar in advance. Spread the cloth and draw a circle in the middle. Put the candles on the
sides, prepare the needles, put the black candle at the head, and put the doll at the center.
Stage №2. Ritual.
Take the first needle into your right hand and keep it over the fire of the black candle while saying,
“It’ll enter the head, destroy the mind. I’m creating haze, clouding the eyes, depriving of the voice,
fogging the truth.”Stick the needle into the voodoo doll’s head.
Take the next needle and stick it into the doll while saying,
“It’ll enter the heart, destroy the inside. I’m taking away health, putting a curse. It’ll rot from the inside,
no one’ll see. It’ll writhe with pain, swell with rot and burst.”
Stick the needle into the doll’s heart.
Then, stick the third needle into the groin while saying,
“I’m shutting the channel, taking the strength away. It won’t recover, get better, and no one will be able
to cure (name). It’ll writhe with pain on the third night, go mad on the sixth night, and die on the ninth
Don’t touch anything until the black candle burns down in the morning.
Stage №3. Completion.
Throw the candle wax away at any intersection. Wrap the doll, pull the needles out, put the doll into a
box, and put the box away.
Perform a ritual to restore your strength or just catch up on your sleep

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