Clay Mug. A Talisman to Refresh Yourself and Boost Your Energy

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Clay Mug. A Talisman to Refresh Yourself and Boost Your Energy

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A lot of spellcasters of magic claim that the use of clay tableware can make you rich. Baba Vanga
agreed with it but had her own opinion about it. The clairvoyant said all clay tableware needed some
“magic treatment” to be able to do something good for its owner.
Clay Tableware and Magic Rituals
This accessory has been used by practitioners of magic all across the globe. Thus, Spanish sorcerers
would use a clay jar to make it rain. To protect a home from negative energies, French soothsayers
would perform the following ritual: they took a clay jar from the home and smashed it against a tree.
Those living in Russian villages used clay tableware, too. Traditionally, they smashed clay pots on the
second day after a wedding and kept the pieces as a proof of the bride’s chastity. In some villages the
bride would sit on a clay washbowl turned upside down to give birth to healthy children.
How to make an amulet using a clay mug?
To make an amulet, you’ll need:
• Clay mug;
• Holy water from a temple;
• Sea salt;
• Red woolen thread;
• Paper;
• Scissors.
Buy a new clay mug. Used clay tableware shouldn’t be used in this ritual. The mug needs to be bought
by the one performing the ritual.
To begin with, clear all negative energy from the mug. To this end, wash it thoroughly with dish soap
and tap water. Don’t use dishwashing liquid. The next morning, right after the sunrise, put the mug on
the windowsill, fill it with salt and leave it there for one day.
Performing the ritual
Pour the salt on a sheet of paper. Wind the red thread around the neck of the mug and make three
knots. While doing so, think about your problems and failures.
Say the Lord’s Prayer three times. Cut the thread off the mug and put it over the salt.
Imagine how you’re getting rid of your drawbacks.
Wrap the thread and salt into paper and get rid of it by throwing it into a river or burying it. Don’t throw
the bundle into a garbage can.
Pour some holy water into the mug, take the mug in your right hand and think about something good.
Take three sips.Put the mug on the windowsill and keep it there until the water evaporates.
What’s good and what’s bad for this talisman?
Use your clay mug in your everyday life. Don’t let other people drink from your mug. Don’t pour alcohol
into it or the talisman will lose its magic powers.
Wash the mug with dish soap and sundry it on the windowsill.
The clay mug will be a perfect source of energy for its owner. The mug can help you get better fast if you
get sick – pour your medicine into it and keep it there for about 15 minutes before drinking it.
Drink the medicine. Keep performing the ritual until you are recovered

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