Magic Candle Making

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Magic Candle Making

Postby administrator » Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:37 pm

Candles were made by the Romans in about 500 BC and they have been very popular ever since. With
new technology, the number of candle designs has been only growing.
Candles can be ceremonial, ritual, everyday, and special occasion.
In this article we’ll talk about special rituals candles. They are made of natural beeswax and can burn
with or without a wick. A candle with no wick burns in a special way because it has some dry flowers in
it. Such candles are used for room aromatization and purification, as well as to clear negative energies
from homes. They can contain such herbs as absinth or sage. The candles smolder and spark creating a
balmy smoke haze.
To make a magic candle, you’ll need natural beeswax, dry flowers and herbs, spices, as well as a wick,
knife, sieve, and a metal bowl.
Put the beeswax into the metal bowl and put the bowl into an oven. Please observe the basic rules of
kitchen safety. The wax heats up fast so make sure it doesn’t melt. When the wax is soft, take the bowl
Add some crushed herbs and dry flowers. Linden leaves may help you make your family stronger, while
chamomile attracts good luck.
You can add some spices, too. For example, cinnamon may help you feel more confident and attract
money, while vanilla improves relationships.
The color of your candles is essential. Red candles bring passion back into a relationship; purple candles
enhance magic powers; blue candles restore harmony and calm down; green candles give the energy of
prosperity; pink candles are used in love magic; golden and yellow candles may help you achieve
success; black candles eliminate fear and negative energy; white candles can be used in all rituals.
Blend some color or natural bright eyeshadow into your wax while it’s soft. Make sure the eyeshadow
has no spangles because artificial ingredients may have a bad smell while burning.
Add some essential oil if you want. To attract money, add some rosemary, orange or pine essential oil.
Vanilla, rose, nutmeg and bergamot essential oils have a positive effect on relationships.
Mix all the ingredients together, put the wax on the table, and start making your candle giving it any
shape you want – cone, cylinder, pear, ball, etc. You can make a flower or sprout-shaped candle. In this
case, cut your wax into pieces and shape each part separately. Then assemble your candle and put the
wick inside. Heat up the parts if needed.
If you want, roll your candles in dry flowers or spices. This will give them a very unusual look. Cut the
candle at the bottom carefully and round off the top with your fingers.
Burning scented magic candles look incredible but always light them on a metal tray and never leave
unattended. Such candles can be used not only in magic rituals but also to make your place smell
amazing and transform it into a refreshing and relaxing heaven. More importantly, such candles are
very easy to make! Just use your imagination and enjoy the results!

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