Wooden Amulet Making

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Wooden Amulet Making

Postby administrator » Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:38 pm

Magic, fortune-telling, talismans – all of us have heard about these things at least once. Nowadays,
there are lots of magic-related tools to improve your life.
In this article we’ll tell you how you can protect yourself from negative energies, namely with a talisman
made of wood and bearing special inscriptions.
Almost anything can be your talisman. However, your best talisman would be the one you make by
yourself using natural ingredients.
To make a wooden talisman, you’ll need one branch, or several branches in case you want to make
several amulets or talismans for yourself and your family.
Select a tree and don’t forget to ask it for permission.
Apart from the branches, you’ll need a saw or hacksaw, lacquer, knife, simple pencil, and sandpaper.
Cut the branch into pieces of any length you want.
Sand the edges.
Cut some wood out from the center of the piece.
Pokerwork a protection symbol (rune, ogham, symbol, etc.).
Apply some lacquer to the talisman. Fix the talisman on a pin and insert it into a piece of foam plastic
with its pinhead down.
After the talisman dries up, carry it everywhere you go.
While making your talisman, think about and whisper what you’re making it for. All money amulets and
talismans should be made on a waxing moon.
Thus, you can also make fortune-telling Ogham staves. However, you’ll need 21 pieces of wood for it.
Keep the oracle in a bag and use it for fortune-telling.
Good luck!

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