BOOKS: Rules & Guidelines

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BOOKS: Rules & Guidelines

Postby administrator » Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:23 pm

1. All registered users of our MAGIC Forum can submit their ads to sell their books, whether in
electronic or print format.
2. Electronic books can be sold only by their Authors or their authorized Representatives. The
Administration may request Authors and their authorized Representatives to provide documents
confirming the non-infringement of copyright.
3. In case any violations occur, the Administration will delete the electronic book ad from the Forum.
4. Rules 1. and 2. do not apply to books in print format. Their sale does not constitute copyright
infringement. The exception is when the Author has a contract that his books can be sold by him or his
Representatives specified in the contract.
5. Users violating these rules and guidelines for using the BOOKS section will be banned from the Forum,
while their accounts will be automatically deleted along with the corresponding comments and reviews.
6. Sellers can submit their reviews about their books. We charge sellers to submit a review as such
reviews are considered promotional. For more information about submitting paid reviews, please
contact the Administration of this BLACK MAGIC Forum.
7. The Administration has never accepted, and will never accept, complaints about the books purchased,
whether in print or electronic format, and their further use. The Administration shall not be responsible
for the quality of the book and its content.
8. Only esoteric and magic-related literature can be sold in the BOOKS section. The sale of entertaining
literature is prohibited.
9. Users will be banned for spamming or attempting to promote books in other sections of the Forum.
10. Links to the website (websites) of the Author of the book (books) and the online stores selling these
books are allowed.
11. On our Forum, books can be sold by professional and beginning practitioners of magic.
12. It is prohibited to post links for downloading free pirated ebooks. It is also prohibited to redirect
users to the websites where they can read ebooks online which infringes copyright.13. The sale of brochures, magazines, second-hand and rare books, teach-yourself books, manuals, etc.
is allowed.
14. The Seller selling ebooks needs to indicate the total number of characters in the ebook. The Seller
selling books in print format needs to indicate the book’s condition

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