SOFTWARE: Rules & Guidelines

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SOFTWARE: Rules & Guidelines

Postby administrator » Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:21 pm

1. All Users can upload their software to our magic Forum (remember that our Forum is devoted to
MAGIC SPELLS). Apart from software, Users can provide links to download or use software online.
2. We charge Users to upload any commercial software which may require payment via SMS or bank
money transfers. For more information about uploading commercial software please contact the
3. Rule No. 2 also applies to software offered for sale or lease, paid access for an agreed lease term.
4. The above also applies to links leading to other websites offering Users to download or use any
software online.5. It is prohibited to offer Users to download or use paid or free software infringing copyright.
Representatives or distributors of Authors need to provide documentary proof of their status.
Otherwise, their activity may be considered illegal.
6. Users may upload magic-related software, such as horoscopes, fortune-telling software, predictions,
etc. Software not related to witchcraft or occultism will be deleted without prior notice to the Users
who uploaded it.
7. This clause No. 7 applies to links provided on our esoteric Forum and leading to other websites.
8. For repeat violations of the rules and guidelines, the User’s account will be deleted along with all the
materials posted by the User on the Forum.
9. It is prohibited to upload software designed to collect personal data of Users, commit a fraud against
Users and deceive them, redirect them to websites and blogs which may cause damage to their
computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
10. It is prohibited to upload scanner software, spyware and malicious software.
11. Software infected with computer viruses through no fault of its Author or Representative of the
Author, or infecting Users’ computers with viruses, will be deleted.
12. If the Administration suspects any User of fraud, the Administration may file a criminal complaint
against such User with the police in the country where the User has his domicile.
13. It is prohibited to upload any software if this software has been previously deleted or blocked

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