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VIDEO: Rules & Guidelines

Postby administrator » Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:18 pm

1. All registered Users and Authors can upload their video files and links to them in the VIDEO section,
unless they are banned.
2. Our Forum is about MAGIC and SPELLS so you can upload only black-magic related video files. If you want
to upload a white magic-related video file, go to the appropriate sections and threads.
3. It is prohibited to upload video files infringing copyright or in order to commit a fraud. If you have any
questions as to how to upload video reviews about occult online stores and magicians, please contact
the Administration.
4. We charge users to upload any commercial video files and links to them (regardless of their location).
For prices and payment information please contact the Administration.
5. The Administration may delete and block fraudulent videos, videos initiating hatred, animosity and
extremism (including religious). Moreover, the Administration reserves the right to send complaint
letters to the platforms where such video files are located, including YouTube, requesting them to
remove the files.
6. It is prohibited to upload video content with hidden advertising – inscriptions, links, contact
information, offers to buy magic-related products and services, etc.
7. The Administration shall not be liable for any damage the User may cause to himself or other people
due to having watched any video posted on the Forum.
8. The use of any video files downloaded from the Forum for commercial purposes is prohibited without
prior consent of the author. Also, it is prohibited to upload previously banned video files.
9. Users may request the Administration to remove any video file if it, in their opinion, violates their civil
rights, tarnishes their reputation, is false or fraudulent. The Administration may disagree with the
opinion of the Users with regard to the video file.
10. It is prohibited to upload duplicate video files to different threads of the VIDEO section.
11. It is prohibited to upload poor quality video files or video files banned by other web resources for
violating any norms and rights. If a video file is blocked on YouTube, it will be blocked on our Forum

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