Here you will find the written rules of this forum. It is crucial that these rules are followed due to the high potential of sensitive subject matters and topics in this forum.
Review and abide by these rules. If anything seems unreasonable, write a reply/comment and the staff will do their best to address your concerns.
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Postby administrator » Thu Nov 05, 2015 5:30 pm

1. Our forum has been designed to cover MAGIC-issues so we’d like to ask all Users to stay on
that topic and not to post any irrelevant information. We are against any assessments of the ethics of
MAGIC and its practitioners, because for us it is personal freedom and desire to develop inner
strength that really matter.
2. All Users are allowed to discuss any MAGIC-related issues. You can ask and answer questions,
create new topics, and leave comments in the existing ones. You are allowed to participate in
discussions, share your experience and use quotes, provided you don’t try to evaluate the comments of
other Users.
3. Any religious propaganda, censure, intimidation, labelling, as well as scorn, mockery, insults, trolling
and attempts to prove that you are right are prohibited.
4. We don’t prohibit Users from posting any materials related to BLACK MAGIC or any other esoteric
teaching on our Forum. However, such materials should be posted in the appropriate sections of the
Forum. Users’ comments not related to MAGIC will be deleted or moved to the appropriate
sections by the Administration.
5. Foul, insulting language and swear words are prohibited even if an asterisk is used to replace certain
letters. Users will be punished for using swear words in a foreign language or pun if it implies swear
6. Comments making no sense or consisting of random letters and digits are prohibited.
7. Incitement to interethnic or religious wars, animosity, violence, depravation and murder is prohibited.
We will ban Users for making threats. Incitement to overthrow any government is prohibited, regardless
of how illegitimate or dictatorial it may be.
8. We welcome Users of any age, religion, race, nationality, and worldview. It is important that Users
don’t try to prove that their views or citizenship make them better than others. We encourage peaceful,
friendly and respectful interaction.
9. Users are prohibited from creating several accounts. This will be considered fraud or attempt to
mislead other Users. In addition, Users using other people’s photos and names will be banned.
10. The Administration reserves the right to ban Users using proxy servers, “accelerators”, anonymizers,
and mobile modems.
11. “Life stories” not related to MAGIC are prohibited. We ask Users to thank other Users in
personal messages.
12. Advertising, spamming, flooding, external links, banners and hidden advertising are prohibited.
13. Users are prohibited from granting their account access to any third parties. If any User violates this
rule, such excuse as “Please, don’t delete my account. It wasn’t me who wrote it!” will not be accepted.
Users shall be responsible for having their accounts hacked because this means they failed to secure
their account with a good password.
14. Plagiarism is prohibited. Users are allowed to cite other sources if needed, however no more than
1/6 of each message shall be citations.
15. The official language of the Forum is English. Messages in other languages will be deleted, except
for the messages translated with the use of a machine translation service, provided their authors don’t
speak english or are not native english speakers.
16. Users have to address other registered Users only by their name or nickname. Any attempts to
change the name or nickname of a User will be considered an insult.
17. Please let us know if you notice any inappropriate behavior or violation of the rules and guidelines of
the Forum. This will help the Administration make the Forum better and improve the quality of
interaction between Users.
18. The Administration will accept and review all complaints about insults, unethical behavior, threats
and black PR submitted to it. However, the Administration reserves the right to refuse to accept and
review any complaints at its sole discretion.
19. The Administration may amend the rules and guidelines of the BLACK MAGIC Forum any time. We
refuse to discuss such amendments with the Users, and we don’t accept and review complaints about
such amendments.
20. Any expression of disapproval or condemnation regarding the decisions of the Administration will be
considered disagreement with these rules and guidelines, for which the User may be punished or even

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