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Spellcaster Maxim www.spellshelp.com Reviews

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1. This section has been designed for submitting a review about Spellcaster Maxim exercising strict impartiality and honestly sharing
one’s experience and opinion.
2. We do not accept reviews based on hearsay, other people’s experience of working with Spellcaster Maxim, including your family
and friends, or reviews posted by other users on other websites, regardless of whether or not they have actually worked with
Spellcaster Maxim.
You may submit your review only if you have worked with a spellcaster personally.

Spellcaster Maxim

Site: http://spellshelp.com

Email: spellcaster.maxim@gmail.com

Skype: spellcaster.maxim


3. Maxim spellcaster whose name is mentioned in this section may publish a denial proving the review’s subjectivity, if any. Also,
Spellcaster Maxim may request the Administration for publishing a denial. Note that a denial will be published or a review will be
deleted only if the Spellcaster proves that he or she is right. Only documentary evidence is accepted, such as copies of contracts,
correspondence, records of phone calls, pictures, videos, etc. Do not try to ask us to delete any review for money.
4. After publishing a review about www.spellshelp.com, the user may request the Administration to delete the review. Before deleting
any review, we will ask to explain the reasons why the review needs to be deleted.
5. The user publishing a review guarantees that the review has no promotional content and is not black PR. Therefore, the
review should not be purely positive or negative.6. We do not publish reviews about Spellcaster Maxim and spellshelp.com containing offensive or foul language, trolling or threats. Moreover, we do not accept reviews praising or recommending any spellcaster if there are reviews about this Spellcaster’s services published in other
sections of our forum or on other people’s resources because such reviews will be considered as containing promotional
7. We reserve the right to delete reviews published before Spellshelp.com ( spellcaster Maxim) completes his or her work. The period of completion of
works should be stated in the agreement between the Maxim Spellcaster and User submitting a review.
8. We do not publish reviews in foreign languages or with a lot of grammatical errors.
9. Users need to remember that the Administration or judicial authorities may ask you to prove your review with evidence –
documents and their copies. Therefore, before submitting a review, make sure you have enough evidence and are ready to
provide it on demand. If a user fails to prove his or her review with evidence within 20 days after the Administration requests
the user to do so, the review will be deleted or rejected. Such excuses as “I didn’t see the request” or “I didn’t have the time”
are not accepted.
10. We do not accept the reviews submitted by users previously caught in slander or inadequate behavior on other websites,
forums or social media. Remember that we continuously review our “Scam list” and are able to identify who each of the users
submitting their reviews is.
11. We may reject reviews submitted using unreliable or temporary IP addresses.
12. It is prohibited to publish any information if it may lead to the violation of any bank secrecy or privacy of correspondence.
Offenders might be prosecuted.
13. The Administration refuses to participate in any civil or criminal proceedings which may arise between the Spellcaster and
User reviewing the Spellcasters’s work.
14. Spellcasters Maxim is entitled to publish a denial on our forum without requesting to delete the review.
15. Any user of our website may ask both the Author of the review and the Sorcerer reviewed any questions, provided such
questions do not prove or disprove the review. If you have any information proving or disproving a review, please write a
separate review and submit it. Note that your review needs documentary evidence as well.
16. Submitting reviews using different IP addresses is prohibited. Do not try to mislead the Forum Administration or other users
by posting messages under different usernames to make it look like a “heated discussion”.

The guidelines for submitting reviews to be published on our forum:
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spellcasters on the Internet

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