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Marie Reviews

Postby administrator » Fri Nov 06, 2015 11:59 pm

In this board of our forum, each person can write a review about Psychic Marie paying no attention to the opinion of
moderators or what other users write about this psychic. Honesty, sincerity and objectivity are what we expect from each of
You can write a review about Psychic Marie if this person has helped you solve any problem, successfully performed a ritual or
told your fortune, or if this person proved to be of no help. Every opinion or experience matters. We are ready to share your
opinion and review with other users throughout the Internet, provided it is not black PR and has no promotional content.

Contact information:



Mrs. Stevens Palm & Card Reader
1570 W Katella Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92802

Phone: (714) 772-1021
A special request to all users of our forum:
Any attempt to convince us and other users of our forum that Psychic Marie ( is a great professional or, on the contrary, is a
fraud (scam), needs evidence. If you want your review to pass our mandatory moderation quickly (we process all your reviews
manually to make sure the information is valid), the following rules need to be observed:

1. Your review should not be 100% negative or positive.
2. If you can prove your review with any documentary evidence, send it to the Forum Administration in a private message.
Documentary evidence includes:
- Message history. It is to be submitted in the form of scanned copies from your computer or laptop screen clearly showing the
recipient’s and sender’s addresses and which can help understand which mail service was used;
- Records of phone and Skype calls;
- What was guaranteed to you by the Psychic Marie which the psychic r failed to meet – in writing;
- Receipts confirming the fact that the psychic was paid for his or her work or copies of your money transfer receipts;
- If you are not satisfied with the quality of the services provided, attach your request for a refund and the psychic’s response;
- Other evidence.

If you do not have any evidence, the Forum Administration, exercising strict impartiality, may reject your review, positive or
negative, about the esoteric services provided to you by the Psychic Marie. Hence, we kindly ask all trolls, copywriters and other
people whose job is to write reviews, as well as sorcerers themselves, not to waste your and our time by trying to launch your
promotional campaign using our forum or to “destroy” your competitor!

All documents proving that you have actually worked with a sorcerer or witch should be sent in an attachment to your email
sent to the Forum Administration. All evidence is to be provided within 20 days after submitting your review for publishing on
our forum. If you fail to provide any evidence within 20 days, we may refuse to consider your review about the Corinne Alphen , or
publish it on our forum, or publish it marking as “Slander” or “Promotional Content”. Any further claims are not accepted
because in this case your attempt to have your review published will be considered slander, attempt to promote yourself or
your client or mislead other users of our forum.
All these rules do not apply to your questions that you may want to ask the Psychic Marie, other users of the forum or Forum

Administration, as well as all kinds of discussions of any reviews that we have already published on our forum. If you have any
documentary evidence, we promise you to publish any your review regardless of whether it is positive, negative, or neutral.

Yours sincerely,
Forum Administration

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