LOOKING FOR HELP: Rules & Guidelines for Spellcasters

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LOOKING FOR HELP: Rules & Guidelines for Spellcasters

Postby administrator » Sat Nov 07, 2015 12:37 am

1. Any registered Spellcaster may offer his help to Users.
However, the Administration reserves the right
to delete the Spellcaster’s message if the Magician is suspected of fraud or incompetence.
2. Spellcasters must be at least 18 years old to offer their help to Users.
3. Spellcasters offering help don’t need to provide any certificates to the Administration to prove their
professionalism because the Administration is not responsible for the Spellcasters actions or Users’
safety. However, the Administration reserves the right to question the quality of the services provided
by the Spellcaster and notify the Users who the Spellcaster is trying to attract as customers.
4. Spellcasters are prohibited from providing their personal data, including their phone numbers, emails
and links to their websites, in their replies to the “looking for help” messages posted by Users.
Advertising, including hidden advertising, is prohibited.
5. Spellcasters responding to Users’ “looking for help” messages are prohibited from posting links to other
websites, including their own websites and social media accounts, as well as suggesting that the Users
contact other Users who have already worked with the Spellcasters. The Spellcaster may offer his help,
while it is for the User to decide how professional the Spellcaster is based on the reviews about the
Spellcaster posted on the Forum and other web resources. Hence our advice to fight for your reputation
by asking your customers to post a review about you on our Forum.
6. While talking to the User, the Spellcaster may promote himself only in private messages. The Spellcaster
may provide his contact information also via private messages.
7. Sending spam and promotional materials to Users looking for help via private messages is prohibited.
8. Spellcasters are prohibited from disputing the competence of other Spellcasters who have offered their
help to the User. Users making such posts as “I’m better than him” will be issued a warning or banned,
temporarily or permanently.
9. The Administration reserves the right to limit any Magician’s access to this section if the
Administration believes the Spellcaster may harm Users, is a liar or fraud.
10. All messages containing spam, insults or making no sense will be deleted. The administration will
also delete any message if its content has been copied from other sources. Copying information from
other sources has always indicated, and will indicate, that the Spellcaster is a fraud and liar.
11. Any information regarding the price of the services offered by the Spellcaster, as well as terms, quality
and safety, should be provided to the User in a private message. Otherwise, this will be considered the
promotion of the Spellcaster.
12. However, the Spellcaster may give a brief description of himself or give a link to his profile on the
13. The Spellcaster is prohibited from providing his personal data. If the Spellcaster attempts to break this
rule, his account may be banned and all his messaged will be deleted.
14. The Spellcaster may offer his help in exchange for a review to be later posted on the Forum or any
other method of remuneration.
15. The Spellcaster may contact the Administration to find out more about the User in case the Spellcaster
suspects the User of not being honest while telling about himself and his problem. The Administration
reserves the right to limit the User’s access to this section if the User has a questionable account or IP
16. The Administration will appreciate the Spellcasters’ help to identify trolls, frauds, prankers, and people
with mental issues.
17. Foul language, insults and incitement to violence are prohibited in the messages posted in the
18. Spamming, flooding and plagiarism are prohibited.
19. All messages not related to the subject will be deleted or moved to the appropriate section.
20. The Spellcaster may offer help to as many Users asking for help as he wishes, provided the Magician
doesn’t use standardized letters to reply.
21. If the Spelcaster violates any of these rules and guidelines or any other rules and guidelines of the
Forum, the Spellcaster’s account may be deleted permanently.
22. The Administration will not participate in any disputes which may arise between the Spellcasters and
Users because the Forum is just a communication platform where each User and Magician is personally
responsible for their own financial, mental and physical safety

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