FORTUNE-TELLING: Rules & Guidelines

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FORTUNE-TELLING: Rules & Guidelines

Postby administrator » Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:27 pm

1. Only fortune-telling-related messages and materials can be posted in the FORTUNE-TELLING section.
Although this forum is devoted to BLACK MAGIC, the types of fortune-telling are not important.
2. Before creating a new topic, the User must read the other topics of the section to make sure there is
no similar topic in this section. Otherwise, the new topic may be deleted or moved to the appropriate
3. In this section Users may look for magicians and Magicians may look for new clients. NOTE: all
requests to perform a fortune-telling session, free or paid, are to be sent in personal messages.
4. Promotion of any magic or fortune-telling services is prohibited.
5. Insulting, foul language, incitement to violence, government overthrow, terrorism or other extremism
or illegal activities are prohibited.
6. Spamming is prohibited – sending any messages to all Users who posted their messages in this
7. The Administration bears no moral or criminal responsibility for the behavior of Magicians and
Fortune-tellers which Users may find in this section and which services Users may use. Similarly,
Magicians and Fortune-tellers cannot complain to the Administration about the behavior of the Users
outside this Forum. Clients and practitioners of magic enter into a business relationship at their own
8. This is why the Administration also does not reply to the messages of Users asking to recommend a
Magician or Fortune-teller. Also, we do not advise Magicians on our Users’ “trustworthiness”.
9. Reviews about the fortune-telling sessions performed should be posted in the appropriate sections of
this website.
10. Users who have just started leaning fortune-telling can both post new messages and create new
topics, provided there are no similar topics in this section.11. Users can create separate topics to tell about their problems, find a teacher and ask for advice. If
there are any signs of flooding, the topic will be deleted immediately. The Administration may delete a
topic if there have been no new posts in it for a long time.
12. Magicians can too create new topics to share their experience, find students, attract clients (not by
expressly promoting themselves). Plagiarism is prohibited in such topics.
13. Users and Magicians will be punished for using plagiarized information, while their accounts may be
14. Religious propaganda and competitive intolerance are prohibited.
15. The Administration may change the rules and guidelines of the FORTUNE-TELLING section without
prior notice to the Users

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