FLEA MARKET: Rules & Guidelines

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FLEA MARKET: Rules & Guidelines

Postby administrator » Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:31 pm

1. The FLEA MARKET thread enables Users to buy or sell magic products.
2. Users can buy and sell any magic products, herbs, potions.
3. Herbs and potions containing drugs or having narcotic properties are STRICTLY PROHIBITED on our
4. The Administration shall not be responsible for the quality of the products sold, their authenticity,
lack of magic properties, or damage which might be caused by their use.
5. The Administration will delete ads placed by Users suspected of fraud or charlatanism.
6. Sellers are obliged to observe all copyright laws. This rule does not apply to books in print format. The
Administration may request the Seller selling electronic books to provide documents proving that the
Seller has copyright on them.
7. It is allowed to resale any magic and occult products, books, artifacts, potions, accessories, etc.
8. Materials, links and hidden messages redirecting Users to other online stores and websites are
9. Users may take orders to make magic products, potions, altars, etc. and place ads without providing
their contact information.
10. Buyers may place such ads as “LOOKING FOR”, “SEARCHING FOR”, “PLEASE HELP ME FIND”.
11. Ads to sell a magic product which may constitute a danger to Users failing to warn the Users about
the danger of the magic product, will be deleted or edited.
12. Sellers are obliged to provide product photos. If a product photo is found on another website or
online store, the ad will be rejected. Product photos must have no inscriptions or links.
13. The Administration will delete all suspicious ads and ads to sell products not related to magic.
14. The Seller may sell his products at any price he wants. It is for the Buyer to decide whether or not to
buy such products.
15. If you have any questions about paid-for ads, please contact the Administration. You will be advised
on the ad formats and costs for the required period.
16. Currently, the ads placed in the FLEA MARKET section have no time limitation. However, this rule
may be changed any time without prior notice to the Users

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