How to avoid falling victim to fraudulent customers

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How to avoid falling victim to fraudulent customers

Postby administrator » Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:32 pm

No matter what esoteric website you visit, you will always find a story about fraudulent magicians. As
for magic forums, almost 50% of all comments there are about them. No, we agree that in magic fraud
has been growing, but you can’t do anything about it because being a fraudulent magician opens all
kinds of possibilities to trick people out of money.

However, it is quite strange that magic-related forums and websites say nothing about fraudulent
customers. Each practitioner of magic comes across fraudulent customers all the time. There are so
many of them out there that magicians have to read each new letter with utmost care and suspect each
customer of being a fraud, provoker, psychopath, or just a crazy person.
This article is about fraudulent customers. We hope that reading it will help magicians, especially
beginning ones, protect themselves from many problems and unpleasant moments associated with
fraudulent customers.

There are several categories of fraudulent customers:

1. A customer contacts a magician and then registers on a dozen forums or even creates his own blog to
tell everyone about the magician. Moreover, the customer not just tells about what’s going on between
him and the magician but copies his own letters and the magician’s replies, including the instructions he
gets from the magician, and tells what the magician prohibits him from telling others (professional
magicians know what that is).
The customer’s goal is to attract attention. People like reading such blogs because they want to know
how good the magician is and if the spell will bring the desired results or not.
Unfortunately, the customer forgets that telling other people about the magician dooms him to failure.
The magician is unable to complete the ritual due to the energy level perturbation triggered by the
customer’s actions.

2. Some customers do the same but their goal is different. They want to ruin the magician’s reputation.
These include the magician’s rivals or competitors wanting to convince people that the magician has no
magic powers; religious fanatics believing that they’re fulfilling some sacred mission by destroying
magicians’ reputation and making people not trust them.

3. Customers don’t tell about the details of their rituals. Instead, they make posts, such as “helped –
didn’t help”, “feel – can’t feel”, “got better – didn’t get better”. This hampers the magician’s ability to
perform at his best as it draws unnecessary, sometimes expressly negative, attention to him. Naturally,
when magicians find out about it, they refuse to provide services to such customers.
The magician has nothing to lose. Even if he gives the customer his money back, the customer will still
accuse him of fraud. Therefore, we suggest that all people providing magic services include a clause in
the contract specifying that in case of disclosure of any information related to the ritual, the ritual will
fail and the magician refuses to perform it. That way, when you face a wave of black PR, you will be able
to prove that it was the customer’s fault, not yours.
Speaking of users enjoying the war between the magician and his customer while eating popcorn, they
don’t care who wins. They want bread and circuses. Luckily, by doing so you will protect your good
name preventing your competitors and just fools from tarnishing your reputation.

4. Some customers tend to consider their magician to be a kind of their relative or spiritual mentor.
After they order a ritual, they start sending the magician dozens of letters every day and believe the
magician is OBLIGED to give a detailed response to all of them. Professional practitioners of magic don’t
have time for it and the customers decide they’ve been lied to. This is when they start posting multiple
reviews about the magician accusing him of fraud. The magician no longer worries about the ritual. He’s
been humiliated.
Such customers are not only fools and hysterics. These can also be energy vampires feeding off of the
negative energy of the magicians they provoke, as well as their spouses, lovers, relatives, children, and

5. Provokers and trouble-makers encouraging such inadequate response can be found on each forum.
They convince customers that they may fall victim to fraud unless they present detailed reports on the
magician’s work. At the same time, they’re perfectly aware that by encouraging customers to disclose
such information, they hamper them and the magicians they work with.
They pretend to be your friends who worry about you and empathize with you. They ask you with care,
“Have you talked to the magician today?” “What did the witch say when you wrote her?” “How’re you
feeling today?”
Moreover, they sometimes comment on the magician’s actions trying to convince the customer that the
magician is doing something wrong, that the ritual will only make it worse. As a result, the customer
gets scared and withdraws his order to then start posting negative reviews about the magician.
That being said, our goal is to do whatever it takes to identify and ban such provokers from our forum.
Speaking of the customers, remember that they can only tell about the results of the ritual they
ordered, specifically if the ritual has proved a success or failure. The customer is allowed to post a
negative review about the magician only if the ritual has failed, provided the customer is confident that
it happened through no fault of his own.

6. There are a lot of dreamers and crazy people among customers. Although they’ve never worked with
a magician, they write reviews about them claiming they didn’t help them and only made it worse.
Luckily, such customers can be prosecuted for slander and sentenced to fines or even jail terms.
Our advice to all magicians is as follows: don’t hesitate to sue fraudulent customers! At the same time,
we’d like to remind such customers that defamation is a crime and it’s punished very severely.

7. Some customers are always looking for cheap stuff or just afraid that the services provided by one
practitioner of magic won’t be enough. As a rule, they order a love spell or hex from 3-4 magicians at
once and wait for the results. Regardless of why they do that – they feel more comfortable paying $10
to several magicians than paying $1,000 to a professional one, or they are afraid that one magician
doesn’t have enough magic power to help them – the results are always the same – when several
magicians are trying to execute the same order simultaneously, they always hamper the progress of one
another. Their energies will influence one another and, as a result, none of them will be able to
complete their rituals.The customer doesn’t understand it. He is confident he’s been lied to and starts lampooning not just
one magician but all of the magicians he worked with.
At the same time, this customer doesn’t go to several doctors to then take all of those pills they
prescribe to treat one illness. This customer doesn’t go to several plastic surgeons to get a nose job…

8. “Offended.” As you know, a lot of professional practitioners of magic who know what it’s like working
with mentally unstable people tend to perform a simple ritual to see what kind of person wants to work
with them before saying yes or no. This enables the magicians to avoid unwanted customers, even
though it doesn’t solve all problems.
When a magician refuses to work with one of the offended, the offended starts accusing the magician of
being a fraud or having no esoteric abilities. The offended believes the magician doesn’t want to help
him because he can’t help him.

9. A customer orders a ritual and then asks people on some forum, “I’ve just ordered a ritual from XXX.
Has anyone worked with him? What can you say about his work? Can he help me at all?”
There is just one answer to all those questions: the magician won’t be able to help you because you’ve
just told everyone about it. Moreover, we’d like you to remember what was written at the beginning of
this article. The only people who may answer such questions are:
- Trolls;
- Dreamers;
- The magician’s competitors;
- The offended;
- People with mental issues.
The victim here is the magician as he is unfairly accused of being a fraud, dilettante and amateur.

10. Your competitor may pass himself off as your customer, too. He uses a random photo found from
the Internet and pretends to be some sad girl who wants to get her boyfriend back. The fake customer
gives you some random dates and asks you to reunite “her” with “her” boyfriend. We don’t want to
discuss whether it’s the magician’s fault that he doesn’t check if the customer is telling the truth. The
problem is if the magician tries to execute the order, he will fail. As a result, the competitor will have the
right to write negative reviews about the magician because he has proof – copies of all correspondence
between him and the magician, as well as the magician’s promise to reunite the customer with “her” ex�boyfriend.
The competitor may also take advantage of it by writing the following review, “I contacted magician
XXX. I said I was a young girl and the magician believed me. He doesn’t have a clue that I’m an old man.
How can he help you if he’s unable to even figure out who he’s working with?”
Luckily, there is criminal legislation and smart lawyers for it who can make such know-it-alls pay.

11. “Impatient.” They always expect fast results. When it turns out they’ll have to wait for the results for
a few weeks or even months, they lose patience and start accusing the magician of being incompetent
or lying to them. The best way to handle them is to specify the date in the contract when the rituals
shall be considered completed and explain to the users that the negative review was posted before that

12. Sadly, 90% of the messages left on magic-related forums have the same phrase, “I found shaman
XXX on the Internet and decided to let him TRY to help me put a love spell on my husband…” or “I let
that black witch TRY to hex my former boss…”
What does this “LET HER TRY” mean?
You can let some 15-year-old who’s just learning magic TRY to help you, or a friend of yours who
realized he was a psychic after a head injury. When it comes to real magicians, you have to ask them for
help! You need to do everything you can to make them WANT to help you! If they agree, you HAVE TO
DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN not to hamper their work, and follow all their instructions carefully as this is
critical for the ultimate results.
Dear customers of magicians and witches! Dead future customers of magician and witches!
Confidentiality is very important to you and you always choose magicians who promise you to keep your
personal information confidential. However, you often forget that the magicians may not want you to
tell other people about them.

How would you like it if you saw your photo, full name, address and other personal information on the
Internet along with the description of the ritual the magician performed for you and how you then
slandered him? By the way, there are special websites where you can find such information. They work
with the magicians who were slandered by their customers. Usually, apart from the photos of the
slanderers, you can find the photos and personal information of those who they wanted to curse, hex or
put a love spell on.

Imagine what your life would be after everyone you know found out that you went to a magician to
break up a family or hurt someone.
Of course, not all customers are like that. Most of them keep their mouths closed, stay patient, trust
their magicians and follow all their instructions, which is great because such customers end up getting
exactly what they want.
Magic is not instant foods. You can’t just “add some boiling water and wait for 4 minutes” to get what
you want. Magic is a time-consuming and complex process which requires powers, special training and
timing. This is why a magician can’t fulfill your wish fast. More importantly, you won’t get what you
want if you hamper the magician. But if you have faith and patience, any wish you have will come true!

P.S. Here is our advice to magicians: you all occasionally come across fraudulent customers. Be careful
and, to protect yourself from them, always ask your customers to sign a contract with you

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