Here you will find the written rules of this forum. It is crucial that these rules are followed due to the high potential of sensitive subject matters and topics in this forum.
Review and abide by these rules. If anything seems unreasonable, write a reply/comment and the staff will do their best to address your concerns.
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If you want to register on our Forum, please read and accept the rules and guidelines for Users. The
rules and guidelines are as follows:
1. Our Forum is devoted to Magic and Witchcraft, so Users are prohibited from posting
messages not related to Magic and Witchcraft, except for White Magic-related messages
posted in the appropriate section of the Forum.
2. We have created this Forum for professional Spellcasterss, Witches, Psychics and other Practitioners of
Magic, so we will use our best effort to prevent fraudsters, charlatans and liars from finding customers
on our Forum. In view of the aforesaid, the Administration reserves the right to ban any Magician if
suspected of fraud.
3. We welcome all users looking for magic help to join us. However, the Administration will delete any
message if it is not a request for help or question to Spellcasters.
4. The Forum Administration shall not be responsible for the quality of the services provided by
registered spelcasters. The Administration undertakes to post reviews about the spellcasters and to never
promote spellcasters because we are against the promotion of magic services on the Internet. We are
confident that it is the spellcaster’s work along with his customers’ testimony that can prove the
spellcaster’s professionalism.
5. While using the Forum, all Users must behave appropriately and avoid using foul language. We will
fight all forms of intolerance and discrimination on our Forum.
6. If you want to post a positive or negative review about any Spellcaster, be ready that the
Administration may request you to provide documentary evidence any time. For more information
please see the REVIEWS ABOUT Spellcasters board.
7. Any religious propaganda is prohibited on the Forum. We will ban all religious fanatics for any
religious statements and pinning labels on Users.
8. Users are prohibited from threatening one another. All disputes which may arise between Users
should be settled by contacting the Administration. The Administration will settle the dispute between
the Users and punish the guilty party.
9. The Administration may delete the accounts of Magicians and Users without prior notice, or cancel
the registration of any User if suspected of fraud.
10. Users are prohibited from copying and distributing any content of our Forum. Also, Users are
prohibited from posting any materials on the Forum copied from other sources. Users are allowed to
cite other sources if needed, however no more than 1/6 of each post shall be citations.
11. Users are prohibited from promoting themselves, providing their personal and contact information
or contact information of any third party. Spamming and flooding are prohibited, too.
12. The Administration will not participate in any proceedings related to the services provided by the
spelcasters registered on the Forum or actions of the Users who used such services.
13. Persons under 18 years of age are allowed to use the Forum. However, such Users are not allowed
to offer their services or ask for magic help without prior consent of their parents. The Administration
will ban the spellcasters for breaking this rule.
These rules and guidelines may be amended any time without prior notice to the Users

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