Love Spells on an Apple

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Love Spells on an Apple

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Use this love spell on an apple to influence the person you love delicately. This ritual is quite simple and
requires no special skills. All that’s needed is your love.
This delicate love spell influences its victim gently causing the victim to have a tender affection rather
than passion for the spell caster. With this love spell, you can create a romantic affection, the deep
feeling that can be easily confused with natural feelings.
Delicate love spells don’t bring their victims under complete control. They are barely noticed by their
victims which is why the victims don’t really resist them.
Unfortunately, the effect of such delicate love spells lasts only for a couple of months. However, this
time should be enough to get a person to fall in love with you without magic.
These amazing love spells have some contraindications. These include:
• Marriage. This spell won’t be able to influence its target if the couple got married in church. If
that’s the case, stronger love spells are needed.
• Your beloved is in love with someone else. This has nothing to do with romance. This is logical.
Delicate love spells can’t beat strong feelings but can add romance and warmth to an existing
• Your beloved is far away and you don’t get to see him very often. To enable your love spell to
influence its victim, the victim needs to see you once in a while. If your beloved lives in a different city or
country, use a stronger love spell.
Stage №1. Preparation.
The ritual is performed any time on a waxing moon.
To perform the ritual, you’ll need:
• Big red apple;
• Red thread;• Red ribbon;
• Your beloved’s photo;
• New needle.
To make your love spell stronger, get your beloved’s personal thing such as, for example, a piece of his
If you can’t get anything, don’t worry. The ritual can be performed successfully without it, too.
Stage №2. Ritual.
Cut the apple in two.
Roll up the photo, wind the thread around it, and put it in between the two halves of the apple while
saying, “I’m keeping your image in my heart, hiding it in the Garden of Eden. I’m guarding you from
everyone keeping you for myself. I’m binding you tightly, charming you with my words. Amen.”
Put the two halves of the apple together and wind them around with the ribbon three times.
Pierce the apple with the needle – the number of holes should be equal to the age of your beloved –
while saying, “I’m tangling, twining, charming you. Without me, you’ll be withering like an apple rots
when buried. Without me, you’ll be suffering like this apple does because of me. I’ll pierce you through
with needles, burn you with fire, agitate your blood. You’ll sooner die than say no to me. Amen.”
Stage №3. Completion.
Keep the apple on the windowsill for nine days. If it starts rotting, the ritual has been performed
successfully and you’ll see first results soon. As soon as you see first signs of rotting, bury the apple
under any healthy and strong tree.
After the ritual, leave the needle and candles at any intersection

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