Relationship Tarot Card Readings

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Relationship Tarot Card Readings

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No matter what’s going on in the world, people have always cared, and will care, about love regardless
of their age and social status. It means fortune-tellers will always have customers.
So, you have the right card deck and know how to read its “messages”. Now you need to find a good
spread and start to learn the art of prediction.
Below are some of the simplest and most popular love spreads which will be great even for beginners.
“New Relationship”
If you have just entered into a new relationship and want to know what to expect from it, you may want
to try this “New Relationship” spread.
Shuffle the cards, pull out six random cards, and spread them as shown in the picture.
Card meanings:
S – significator. What your relationship is.
1. What you want from this relationship
2. What your partner wants
3. What you can do to improve it
4. What your partner will do to make it stronger5. Advice
“Analyzing Loneliness”
If you’re the only one with no boyfriend or girlfriend, try to find out why using the below spread.
Pull out ten random cards and spread them as shown in the picture.
Position meanings:
1. How prepared you are for love
2. What you expect from a relationship
3. What you’re afraid of in a relationship
4. What you want from a relationship
5. What you need to improve in yourself before entering into a relationship
6. What you’re ready to sacrifice
7. What you can deal without
8. What will help you
9. What obstacles you’ll face
10. Results. Whether or not you’ll enter into a relationship in the future
“Three Cards”
When you don’t want to read the whole deck but you’ve started to worry about your relationship, use
this simple and fast “Three Cards” spread. It’ll show you what’s going on in your relationship presently
and what’ll happen to you in the future.
Card meanings:
1. Present. What’s happening right now.
2. Near future (up to 2 weeks).
3. Distant future (2 weeks to 2 years).
“New Love”
Use this spread if you’ve just started dating and want to know everything you can about your new
partner. It’ll tell you about him (her) and his (her) plans regarding your relationship.
Card meanings:
1. The object’s general description
2. What the object thinks about you
3. What the object wants from your relationship4. Advice on what to do with the object (based on the previous cards)
5. Likely outcome
“Break Up”
Are you tired of your partner? Do you think you have no feelings left for your partner? Have you met
someone and don’t know whether you should start dating this person? Check your feelings with this
Card meanings:
S1 – your significator.
S2 – your partner’s significator.
1. What your relationship is now
2. What you want from a relationship
3. The advantages of a break up
4. What will happen if you don’t break up
5. What you should do
6. Outcome

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