What Is a Tarot Deck? Card Meanings

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What Is a Tarot Deck? Card Meanings

Postby administrator » Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:40 pm

Tarot cards are a tool awakening our intuition.
With Tarot cards, you can meditate, reflect upon things and analyze situations. Despite the fact that
their answers are not always accurate, the alternative solutions they offer will always help you make the
right choice.
Tarot decks vary. Although they seem different, they are in fact just the versions of the traditional Rider�Waite Tarot deck.The Tarot deck consists of 78 cards, including 22 Major Arcana cards, 40 Minor Arcana cards, and 16
Court cards. As with any playing card deck, the Minor Arcana and Courts cards are divided into swords,
cups, pentacles and wands.
While interpreting each card, the interpreter takes into consideration its upright and reversed meanings.
The reversed meaning is usually negative and is considered an extreme.
There are a lot of books about Tarot card meanings which might confuse beginning Tarot card readers.
Each card means a lot of different things and it takes time before one realizes that these are just
symbols which only help interpret the Tarot spread right

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