Major Arcana and Their Meanings

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Major Arcana and Their Meanings

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To begin with, the fact that there is any Major Arcanum in the spread means that the situation analyzed
is very important to the customer.
If there are several Major Arcana in your spread, what’s happening is fate and it’s very difficult to
change that.
Any deck starts with the Fool or Jester. It symbolizes the beginning of the path as well as making some
important decision. Its reversed meaning is a warning about some thoughtless risk-taking.
The Magician means you’re about to enter the period of making plans for the future. If the question is
whether or not some serious problem will be solved, the answer is yes, it will. The reversed Magician
means the opposite.
The High Priestess, in the upright or reversed position, means advice to listen to your intuition. The next
card, the Empress, means femininity. It is often pictured with a horn of plenty which helps interpret it.
The core is financial stability. Its reversed meaning is the opposite: problems, poverty and reckless
The Emperor and Hierophant symbolize stability, leadership and power. These are typical men’s cards.
As for the Hierophant, it has a more conservative context. Its reversed meaning is instability and
breaking agreements.
The Lovers card is found in a spread when someone needs to take a tough decision. The reversed Lovers
warns about a wrong decision.
The Chariot means overcoming difficulties and progress in all undertakings. In the reversed position, the
card means the opposite.
Strength can be interpreted as confidence. When reversed, it warns about the customer’s weakness
that might lead to serious problems.
The Hermit is always about pondering, cessation of any movement, need for practical advice.
Wheel of Fortune describes the situation is general. It’s like a zebra – any white stripe (upright) may be
followed by a black one. Anyway, this card warns about some changes. The nature of these changes
depends on the surrounding cards.Justice usually means court hearings, inspections or need to make a serious decision. How fair it will be
for the customer depends on the surrounding cards.
The Hanged Man means the suspension or freezing of some process. When upright, it means that the
customer is to “hang” for a long time, while a reversed card indicates that the period of uncertainty is
over. Make sure the priorities are right.
Death doesn’t mean death as it is. It symbolizes the end of an old project and beginning of a new one.
Its reversed meaning is business stagnation.
Temperance means modest stability and balance. Its reversed meaning is the opposite.
The Devil has a positive meaning when the card is reversed and it means giving up any addiction. In the
upright position, the card indicates obstacles, fears and conflicts.
The Tower always symbolizes destruction, catastrophes and failed plans.
Two cards which always promise success and prosperity are the Star and the Moon.
The Moon is a symbol of mystery. In regard to work, it’s creation, entertainment and acting.
Judgement is about results. Whether they are good or bad depends on the surrounding cards. The card
in the reversed position indicates the customer’s unwillingness to take some decision which needs to be
The World sums everything up. The plans have been implemented, one can rest on one’s laurels.
However, in the reversed position, the card indicates that the plans are still very far from being

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