Minor Arcana and Their Meanings

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Minor Arcana and Their Meanings

Postby administrator » Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:42 pm

The Minor Arcana have the same meanings as regular cards describing the problem and emotional state
of the customer or people close to the customer, with pentacles meaning finances, swords meaning a
solution by strength, wands meaning power, and cups meaning creation, emotions.
All Aces indicate the beginning of a new phase, new undertakings, projects.
Their suit indicates the field they relate to: Wands – risky ventures; Pentacles – financial opportunities;
Swords – law enforcement; legal institutions; Cups – emotions, creation. In the reversed position, they
mean a waste of energy in the corresponding field.
Twos in the spread may indicate the need to choose and for partnership. This is a waiting period before
taking an important decision. Swords warn about a problem and the need to take a decision.
Threes mean promotion, the beginning of plan implementation. The Three of Pentacles indicates
financial success. In the reversed position, it predicts multiple problems. The Three of Swords is the only
card with a negative meaning. It symbolizes arguments and disputes. When reversed, its meaning is less
Fours indicate stability. Even the Swords, either in upright or in reversed position, hardly change their
meanings.All Fives in the upright position mean problems: legal (Wands); financial (Pentacles); theft, betrayal
(Swords); breakup (Cups). In the reversed position, they mean that the problems will be solved soon.
Any Six in a spread means great success, stability and good changes. In the reversed position, Sixes
mean the opposite.
Sevens symbolize problems and conflicts.
Eights in the upright position are a symbol of progress, advancement, successful fulfillment of tasks. The
exception is the Eight of Swords that predicts crises and insoluble problems. Its reversed meaning is the
Nines indicate that some undertaking will be completed successfully, while in the reversed position they
mean inability to implement some plans. The Nine of Swords in any position means betrayal, troubles.
Tens mean the time to rest on one’s laurels. In the reversed position, they mean inability to succeed.
The Ten of Swords is one of the worst cards in the deck. It means serious failures, and the meaning
doesn’t change in the reversed position.

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