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White Magic for Everyone

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White magic is the easiest and safest kind of magic. All you need to practice white magic is to believe in
yourself and in miracles. With while magic, you can solve almost any problem, from unrequited love to
financial problems.
Practicing White Magic at Home
A love spell is a white magic ritual.
White magic rituals are safe and can easily be performed at home, regardless of what purpose you’re
People have always used, and will continue using, the services of good healers.
Healing is one of the most popular rituals in white magic, along with the rituals to remove hexes and
A lot of love spells are put with the use of herbal tinctures but don’t try to make tinctures by yourself.
Instead, go to an experienced herbalist who should have all the required herbs to make a good herbal
Money Magic
White magic offers an array of money rituals. Many of such rituals can help you attract money not just
to yourself but to your whole family.
White magic a number of easy-to-perform rituals to help you attract wealth into your home.
Morning Money Ritual
You need to be able to attract morning energies as it can introduce positive changes into your life.
Normally, when people wake up, they think about the problems to solve and errands to run that day
which is wrong.
You need to learn how to think about the good things. Scientists have proven that if you think positively
for just 30 minutes after you wake up, your day will be full of positive events. If you don’t, you’ll face
more negative events than positive ones.
Thoughts tend to materialize. If you want to have more money, think about you being rich when you
wake up. Keep doing so for a while and soon your life will start to change.
Simple Good Luck Ritual for Career
This ritual is great if you want to be paid more than you are now. The ritual has to be performed at the
beginning of a lunar cycle. To perform this ritual, you’ll need:
• Dill
• St. John’s wort
• Basil
• CeleryTry to gather all of the above herbs by yourself. If you can’t, buy them at a grocery store.
Tie the herbs into a bunch, take the bunch to your office, and put it in your workplace. When no one’s
around, set fire to it and run it over the objects you use in your work, and then repeat thrice,
“I, God’s servant (name), am setting fire to these herbs to attract Lady Luck. Come to me and help me
get lucky financially. Let all my undertakings succeed and ideas transform into money and stay in my
wallet. Let it all happen. Amen. Amen. Amen.”
Birthday Ritual
This ritual is the most effective if performed on a birthday. In the morning, when you wake up, lock your
fingers, put your hands on your stomach and then, with your eyes closed, try to see the image of Lady
Luck. Usually, people see her as a pretty woman with beautiful long hair.
After that, say your wish out loud. The ritual is performed, you may get up. Don’t forget to talk to Lady
Luck now and then during the day

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