Telling Your Fortune with the Use of a Book

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Telling Your Fortune with the Use of a Book

Postby administrator » Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:45 pm

People have always wanted to see their future, with the unknown beckoning them with its mysteries.
Few people are able to see the future. Luckily, you can tell your fortune by yourself. However, you need
to be extremely careful as the ritual may affect your future. Never try to tell your fortune just out of
The secret of book fortune-telling is passed from one generation to another. Books are believed to have
unique energy connecting us with the other world. When a book is created, people’s souls, energies and
thoughts are put into it. This is voluntary which makes extremely valuable.
Pick a book. Take the oldest book you have. If you don’t know which of your books is the oldest, take
your favorite book. Such books are soaked through with your energies and thoughts. They know you
well and they know what questions you’ll ask.
Press the book against your heart and think about your question. Focus on it. If you get distracted, your
subconscious mind will ask the book not the question you want. Think of two numbers. The first one
shouldn’t exceed the number of the pages, while the other one shouldn’t exceed the number of the
lines on the page.
The first number means the page. Open it.
The second number means the line. Read it.
Read it carefully. Analyze each word it has. Read the whole sentence if it continues on the next line. If
you see a picture, interpret it. Try to figure out which signs fate has sent you and interpret them
Select your book according to the questions you’re going to ask. Don’t use books about animals or
encyclopedias if your questions are about love.Use your imagination while interpreting the lines. For example, your question is “When will I get
married?” and the answer is “…it started under the first dressed trees in the garden…” You may
interpret it as follows: “first dressed trees” means spring, when nature is waking up. Perhaps, you’ll get
married in early spring. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend all your time in parks
and gardens. Fate works in mysterious ways!
Remember: this fortune-telling ritual must be performed only on a waxing moon and only before
sunset. This is also true for fortune-telling with the use of cards. Otherwise, the predictions won’t be
accurate, will confuse you, and you’ll make a mistake. Also remember that we are the masters of our

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