Casting a Love Spell on a Man Remotely

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Casting a Love Spell on a Man Remotely

Postby administrator » Fri Nov 13, 2015 8:43 pm

You can attach a man to yourself in many ways. However, this is always temporary. There is an intrusion
into the man’s fate and aura. Naturally, the man resists it like the immune systems resists illnesses. First,
the body gets infected, but eventually the disease retreats.
Any such love spell belongs to black magic. Such a love spell can also be described as “turning a person
into a zombie”. There is a variety of love spells. One of the most dangerous love spells is called “Black
Church Wedding”. Today we’ll talk about one of the most delicate love spells influencing people’s
energies. So, to put this love spell, you’ll need one needle (new), red ribbon, and two candles that are
the same color. As you know, red is the color of love and passion. All rituals designed to boost passion
are performed on a waxing moon. Best case scenario, the ritual will fail if performed on a different day.
Worst case scenario, the object will get sick or worse.
Let’s begin. Scratch the man’s name (his full name and date of birth) on one candle with the needle.
Scratch your name (your full name and date of birth) on the other candle. Write down on the ribbon:
God’s servant (the man’s name) and God’s servant (your name) are to be together forever starting
Tie these two candles together with the ribbon making sure they touch each other. Take the needle,
make the needle burning hot and connect the candles together. Now you can light the lovers. Day one:
the candles should burn for one hour, with you looking at the fire and thinking about the man. Put the
candles out and put them away making sure no one can find them. Day two: do the same but let the
candles burn 10 minutes less. Keep doing so until both candles burn down. Put the candle-ends and
needle into an envelope or wrap them in paper and leave it at an intersection. Walk away without
turning around.
A Love Spell with the Use of a Voodoo DollThe voodoo doll symbolizes the man. To get what you want, making just one doll isn’t enough. You’ll
also need the man’s blood, hair and nails. Attach them to corresponding places on the doll and drop
some blood on the dolls’ heart.
If you want, you can use the man’s photo.
To make a voodoo doll, use a natural wick and wax

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