Agate. Magic Properties

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Agate. Magic Properties

Postby administrator » Fri Nov 13, 2015 8:48 pm

Who doesn’t want harmony in this bustling world, the world filled with lies and contradictions? Who
doesn’t want to be protected from negative events? Who doesn’t want to feel confident and be
considered a good, moral person?
Actually, this is not something only modern people dream of. Surprisingly, ancient people wanted the
same. Back then, long before the era of information technology, they found an answer: they used agate
– a stone which magic properties can breathe life… into life itself.
Agate Magic: Some News from the Past
Antiquity is a lady that can be trusted. Well, according to her, people using agate stones were able to
turn their lives into the Kingdoms of Success and Harmony.
If it weren’t for agate stones, you wouldn’t see babies in Ancient India and Georgia: In India they believe
that agate can help babies take their first steps, while Georgians used them to protect their kids from all
negative energies existing in the world.
In Ancient Egypt, agates were much respected stones: with their magic powers, they protected people
from the evil eye, hexes and evil sorcerers. Moreover, people wearing agate accessories knew they were
protected from lightening, earthquakes and other natural disasters.
The “Right” Agate: A Stone Which Magic Properties Can Help You Drive Evil Away and Strengthen Your
In Mongolia, agates were used to drive evil spirits away. Local wise men believed yellow stones could
make their owners more confident. Ancient Romans believed agates were the symbol of Pomona, the
goddess of fruit trees, gardens and orchards. The stones protected their crop and farmland from frosts
and hail.
Yellow, White, Blue Agates – Choose Any to Improve Your Life
Attention! Only today! A colorful miracle! It can help anyone: adults and children, men and women, the
poor and rich! “Agate”, the store of miracles, offers the stone admired for its magic properties

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