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A pendulum is one of the most popular tools to interact with the subtle world. In bookstores you can
find lots of books on how to work with magic pendulums. This is what we want to tell you about in this
Making a pendulum is easy. All you need is a thread and weight. If you want, you can use a ring, screw
nut or some small stone as a weight. If you want detailed instructions on how to make a pendulum, read
books by Anton Stangl. In his books, he writes not only about the pendulum, but also how a personmaking one needs to behave, namely what to eat, how to breathe, what to think about, what to wear,
and so on. He says the pendulum’s answers come not from some external forces but from the heart of
the one asking. He says a pendulum is especially effective when answering health-related questions.
A pendulum can be used to locate places with dirty energies, search for lost objects and examine the
human condition.
Anyway, it’s believed that a pendulum can be used to obtain objective data. Also, some believe it can
answer a wide array of questions. Basically, you can ask it anything you want, for example, what the
weather’s going to be like in a few days or what the winning numbers are for a specific lottery.
Let’s talk about how to make a pendulum.
Any object can be used as a weight, although some people recommend using only astrological stones.
Spherical weights are considered the best. Cone-shaped and other pendulums can be used, too. Use any
thread you want.
Don’t give your pendulum to other people. It needs to be filled only with your energies because you’re
the one who’s going to work with it. Always carry it with you as it needs to be in continues contact with
your energies, thoughts and emotions.
If you’re going to work with your pendulum at home, the weight can be not heavy. If you’re going to
take it outside, use a heavier weight.
Now let’s discuss how to use your pendulum.
It’s easy. While sitting at the table, hold the pendulum 5-10 cm above the table making sure it can swing
freely. Your elbow should be on the table. Otherwise, while holding your arm above the table, you will
create additional vibrations and the information received from the pendulum won’t be accurate. The
thread should go between your index finger and thumb.
When the pendulum stops swinging, ask your question. Focus on it. The pendulum won’t be able to
answer your question correctly if it’s about your health but you’re thinking about your job or food. Ask
your question in a way so the pendulum could give you a yes or no answer. After the question is asked,
watch the pendulum closely.
If it starts swinging back and forth relative to your body, the answer is Yes. If it starts swinging left and
right, the answer is No. If it spins, it can’t answer your question, at least for now. By spinning, it says, “I
don’t know.” However, which way it’s spinning indicates the more likely answer. Clockwise spinning
means Yes, while counterclockwise spinning means No. Also take into consideration how fast it’s
swinging but to interpret it, use your experience.
Start with simple questions which you know the answers to. For example, you can ask, “Am I wearing a
white shirt?” “Is it true that I have a dog?” If the answers are correct, ask what you really want to ask.
When you finish asking your questions, thank the one who you think was answering your questions. For
example, if you think those were some spirits, thank the spirits. The more you work with your
pendulum, the more accurate answers it’ll give

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