Developing Your Clairvoyant Abilities

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Developing Your Clairvoyant Abilities

Postby administrator » Fri Nov 13, 2015 8:50 pm

Ask the object stand by a white wall or door. Make sure the lighting is good. The distance between you
and the object has to be 4-5 meters if you want to see the whole aura. If you want to see just the light of
the aura above the head of the object, reduce it to 2-3 meters.
To begin with, focus on a point that is not at the wall or the object but a little above the object. You can
only see an aura with your side vision (on rare occasions, with your direction vision). You can see an aura
with your side vision only when your “third eye” opens (don’t confuse it with the chakra called “third
eye”). This is a rather frightening experience even for a brave, strong person. Your third eye may give
you other abilities too, such as, for instance, seeing not the person but this person’s blood vascular
system. Thus, instead of the legs, you’ll see a bunch of vessels; instead of the skin – muscles, tendons,
body fat, etc.
To be able to see the whole spectrum of aura colors, learn not to wink for some time. Otherwise, you’ll
lose focus and won’t see the aura anymore. Don’t give up, keep practicing. I assure you that if you really
want it, you’ll succeed. Now when you know how to focus on a point above the head, imagine a kind of
framing around the object in the form of a gray or dark band.
Keep looking at this dark framing band and after a while you’ll see a bright, silvery-white narrow string
separating the object from that dark band. As soon as you see it, the string will start growing, it’ll get
wider. Importantly, without losing sight of that silver string, shift your eyes a little above. This is when
“the veil will be lifted” and you’ll see the aura in all its beauty.
Remember all the colors you see. Then, you’ll have to check them against the table to find out the
object’s feelings and emotions. At first, it’s going to be hard. Keep practicing and after a while you’ll be
able to see anyone’s aura any time you want. Perhaps, you won’t even need to lift that veil anymore. All
you have to do to see a person’s aura will be focusing on a point above the object and using your side
vision. This is how you can also learn how to see chakras, however this is more difficult. If you don’t
want to specialize only in clairvoyance, there are other methods and tools to obtain information about
people’s energy-exchange centers which are as effective but much simpler

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